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Compounding or Compounding Interest is a process where your money earns money on its own over time. This is compounding and it’s a powerful process for investors. Over time, small amounts of money can grow into a substantial amount of money through the process of compounding. Compounding includes the reinvestment of what your money has […]

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Attributes of Financial Planners

Attributes to look for when selecting financial planners: Select one that is fee based and not on a commission basis. Pay for advice and not a product. He or she should be calling you at least once a year to see what has changed in your life that could affect your current financial plans. Outstanding […]

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Mutual Fund Investing

Here are some rules guidelines to follow when investing in mutual funds: Invest in no-load funds that will beat the index funds in good times and won’t lose as much in the bad times. Index funds are ok. Index funds will do what the market does. You will make what the market makes and you […]

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Tax Refunds – It’s Your Money

So you’re one of the lucky taxpayers receiving an income tax refund this year? The IRS estimates that the average refund will be in the thousands of dollars. While it’s tempting to spend that chunk of change on a plasma-screen TV or a fabulous vacation, consider using it to firm up your financial future. Bill […]

One of the best ways to save money is to open an online savings account and make deposits automatically for a long period of time. This is a great way to become an online saver and start a retirement savings account. This is your “Rainy Day” savings for when bad things happen like unplanned car […]