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5 Questions About Your Budget for Holiday Outings

If you have a budget that guides you on a month-to-month basis or just a general overview of what’s coming in and what’s going out you can also do “mini-budgets”.

Mini-Budgets are budgets for times like Labor Day where you have the possibility of over spending. A lot of folks have a 3-day weekend during Labor Day and possible cookouts, parties, football games, etc.

These are the times where you can end up spending more than you can or should. So a good way to keep it under control is to make a list of what you’re doing over the 3-day weekend and how that will affect the money you spend.

For great inspiration on being frugal check these folks out:

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself while you make a list of what you’re doing and what you’re spending during any holiday:

1. Where are you driving to and how far?

Spend a few moments finding the closest gas station that offers a bit less expensive gas for your drive?

2. How much food will you need?

Spend a few moments clipping coupons. If you don’t like doing that just clip a few that will make a minor or major impact.

3. How much cash do you have?

Do you have a money jar sitting around that you put loose change in during the week, month, etc.? If so, grab that to use for buying extra stuff for that holiday outing.

4. What debt can you avoid?

You probably already know what will make you slide into debt. Be conscious of that and ask yourself with every amount of money you spend this weekend will it make you slide into a debt hole you might already be in.

5. What do you want for your future?

Think about the goals you have for the future. What you do with your money during a holiday outing can affect your goals for the future. I’m not talking about depriving yourself of fun now and not doing anything now, I’m promoting balance. You need to satisfy your “I want it now!!” needs and still preserve your future goals, wants and needs.

If you have a partner make sure you think of and do these tasks together. If you’re single make sure you sit down with your dog or cat and explain to them what you want to accomplish. 🙂 Stuffed animals or dolls work too.

Have a great holday!!

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