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8 Ways to Pay for College Without Student Loans

You can learn a great deal about what it takes to get student loans with poor credit and without having a cosigner. Student loans are a huge issue in the U.S. In fact, they actually exceed over $1 trillion worth of debt around the nation. Many people either feel they can’t qualify for a loan no matter what, or they want to avoid the loan process all together for whatever reason.

The good news for those who want to avoid school loans all together is that there are options available. Here are eight ways you can pay for college without taking out student loans:

1. Grants

Depending on your financial situation and that of your family, you may be able to qualify for grants. You should always start out by applying for student grants, which do not have to be repaid.

2. Scholarships

Today there are scholarships available for everything you can think of. You can get a scholarship for being a particular ethnicity, knowing how to knit well, or because you are a vegetarian. You name it, the scholarships are there, just waiting for people to apply for them. And no, you don’t always need to have great grades to get them!

3. Work Study

Many college campuses offer a work study program, where the student will put in time doing work and in exchange get a grant for their tuition, either in full or in part.

4. Campus Jobs

If you are going off to college and will be staying on campus, there are usually plenty of jobs available. This will give you some extra money to pay for the semester tuition bill.

5. Go Community

Rather than doing your first couple of years at the university, go to the community college. The tuition rates are much lower, usually making it within reach to pay cash each semester.

6. Think Military

Many people enter the military, at least for a few years, in order to earn assistance in getting a college education.

7. Inquire at Work

If you currently have a job, inquire with the human resources department to see if they offer tuition assistance. Many employers do, which would help you pay for classes either in part or in full.

8. Live Frugally

Rather than rush out and get your own pad and start living it up, stay living at home with your parents or live with roommates, so you can spend less and use your earnings to pay your way through college.

If you want to get through college without having loans, you can make it happen. You will need to consider your options and choose the route that makes the most sense for your situation. Being debt free after college is within reach!

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