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3. Invest in a Roth IRA

Flower BasketsThird things third – Invest in a Roth IRA

Roth IRAs are simply wonderful. You can read about the advantages, disadvantages and rules of a Roth IRA in A Roth IRA Overview.

Mutual funds offer a basket of stocks to help you start investing. They also offer professional management to oversee your mutual fund. However, not all funds are created equal. To get started with a really great fund do this:

  1. Browse over to
  2. Under “Applications & Forms”, select the account type “Roth IRA” and select “Roth IRA Application”.
  3. Check “Select ROTH Contribution IRA” or call the company at 1-800-446-1012 for help working through this.
  4. Fill out your personal information in the required section 1.
  5. Fill out the required list of beneficiaries in section 2.
  6. Check the first box in the required section 3, “Invest my check as a contribution to an Excelsior Roth Contribution IRA…” or call the company at 1-800-446-1012 for help working through this.
  7. In required section 5 fill in the fund number for Excelsior Value and Restructuring Fund #1051.
  8. Provide your Social Security Number in the required section 7 and sign and date it.
  9. Just like what your doing in Action 1 – Open an Online Savings Account, participate in the automagic investment plan if you can afford to. You won’t miss the required $50.00 minimum deposit. Make it per month if you can afford to or whenever you can make $50.00 deposits and you’ll be on your way. Again, don’t forget to up the payment when you start to make more money in life.
  10. There is an “Optional Services Form” on the same page as the “Roth IRA Application” form. Select this form to participate in the “Automatic Investment Plan” in step 6 of the “Optional Services Form”.
  11. After filling out section 1 of the “Optional Services Form”, in step 2 – “Distribution Options”, check “Reinvest all dividends and capital gains”.
  12. Skip section 3.
  13. Skip section 5.
  14. In section 6, check the desired day of the month for automatic withdrawal from your checking account. Provide the Fund #1051 and your $50.00 minimum withdrawal.
  15. Skip section 7.
  16. Provide your bank information in section 8.
  17. Finish up by filling in section 9 and 10.

Don’t hesitate to call Excelsior Funds at 1-800-466-1012 for help if you need it.
That’s It!! You are on your way. You’ve started investing in a great mutual fund in your Roth IRA. Here’s is a summary of the Excelsior Value and Restructuring Fund.

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