If you have a budget that guides you on a month-to-month basis or just a general overview of what’s coming in and what’s going out you can also do “mini-budgets”. Mini-Budgets are budgets for times like Labor Day where you have the possibility of over spending. A lot of folks have a 3-day weekend during […]

Well here we are at the final segment of How to Create a Budget. This final part includes parting words and a audio visual review of some of the spreadsheets you can find and online personal finance websites you can use to track your finances. There are so many different kinds of budgets out there […]

Part 3 – Variable Expenses Hi gang. So up to this point we’ve talked about our income, fixed expenses and non-fixed expenses or non-fixed fixed expenses, stuff we have to pay eventually but not every month. In this post we’ll be talking about variable expenses. These are the expenses in our lives that we can […]

Part 2 – Non-Fixed Expenses In How to Create a Budget – Part 1, I talked about using budgets as a guide, listing your income and writing down your fixed expenses like rent or your mortgage payment, utilities, savings, Roth IRA, etc. that occur every month. I also discussed using spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel […]

Well folks here we go on How to Create a Budget – Part 1 of 4 Part 1 – Income and Fixed Expenses Part 2 – Non-Fixed Expenses Part 3 – Variable Expenses Part 4 – The Spreadsheets, Mass Confusion and My Head’s Going to Explode From my point of view, I keep a budget […]

Here’s a real budget for a 75 Year-Old woman. I rounded the numbers so they were a bit more understandable. The property insurance, car insurance are split out over 12 months even though they are not paid every month, just when they’re due, once and twice annually. Her assets include (rounded of course): Home – […]