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Hanging Out With Multi-Millionaires

Let’s start with, “I’m not a Multi-Millionaire…yet.” 🙂 But I played one recently when I was on the East coast visiting family and friends. Multi-Millionaire friends.

Mansion StepsOne was a medical specialist, one inherited boat loads of money, old money, one sold helicopters internationally, one flew private jets that hauled wealthy families around the world, still one was a higher-up in a nationally known financial institution, two international financiers who by the way retired around 40 years-old to take care of their young kids.

When it came right down to it though, we were all gathered together for a graduation party. Held at an estimated $5,000,000.00 Victorian-style estate. Well at least that’s what all the men stood around trying to figure out how much the place was worth.

Situated on a bay that fed the Atlantic ocean with its own swimming pool and docked boat, the place had so many rooms it was difficult to find your way back to the party after visiting the little boys room that, well, seemed half the size of my house.

We arrived early to help finish setting up for the party and help prepare a bit of the food. The majority of the food was being catered but some of the “down home” folks wanted to put a final touch to the event by cooking up some home-made tasty touches.

BathroomI ran around with the owner of the home who was cleaning his pool when we arrived. I thought, “Wow, he cleans his own pool.” He proceeded to show me what he wanted me to help with and how to do it. I was impressed as we walked around as if he was an event organizer instead of a 50+ medical specialist.

I asked him if he did most of the work around his home or hired help. He said he did the mowing, cleaning the pool, taking care of the boat, the two kids, and mom and dad cleaned the house.

He did hire out the edging and gardening. I was impressed. After discussing all the visible possessions for a while he concluded with, “Yep, I’ll be working to pay for all this for the rest of my life.” Oh, by the way, they like to visit the French Riviera once a year as well.

As the party progressed and most of the mingling folks knew each other, the multi-millionaires actually shared tales of having problems “affording life these days.” I thought to myself, I hear this same story among 20+ year-old newlyweds. What’s worse, having million dollar money issues or hundreds of dollars, newlywed money issues?

One person talked about “flying his client, the family to Isreal and then flying himself over to Rome instead of back to the states so he could wait to fly the family somewhere else in a few days.” Yikes!! 🙂

Yet another, the international financier discussed the complexities and expenses of owning three homes, one in California, one in Colorado and one in China. Geez!!

YachtIn the end, I was discussing with a family member who lived closed to some of these multi-millionaires, the money problems the spouses complain about on a monthly basis and how they’re going to make ends meet.

I guess some of this is evidenced in stories of non-wealthy folks winning money in the form of some sort of lottery and most of them ending up having problems, both personal and financial.

I also heard plenty of unhappy spouse stories and possible divorces among some of them. Well, it all sounds familiar no matter what class you happen to be attending.

I remember somebody saying this a long time ago when they were speaking of “rich” people having the same problems as not rich people, “rich folks have the same problems as everyone else, they can just arrive at their problems in style.” 😉

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