There are many ways to invest your money. Depending on your risk tolerance you can invest in low risk investments, medium risk investment as well as high risk investments.

This category about investing will provide you with investing tips, types of investments, and investment knowledge so you can better understand how to invest your money.

In every industry there are words or “lingo” specific to that industry. The investment community is no different. In fact, it can be very confusing deciphering what means what. There’s many websites that offer definitions of investing lingo, but you can subscribe to one that will send you a new definition every day which is […]

When you invest, you are taking some risk. So if you think you don’t like risk or you think you don’t have any risky investments, then look again. You are taking some risk when you invest. Below are 10 attributes of Investment Risk: 1. Market Risk This is the ups and downs of the market. […]

When purchasing mutual funds don’t let the covers direct you. Scenario: You’re standing in line at the grocery store or you’re at the bookstore and there it is in big bold letters – “THE BEST FUNDS TO INVEST IN NOW!!“. You buy the magazine and read a bit about the top performing funds and then […]

Risk Tolerance is what allows you to sleep at night. Imagine how you would feel if your Roth IRA had $500,000.00 and you lost 10% in one day. So let’s say on Monday you check your Roth IRA value and you see a big fat $500,000.00 in your account, then on Tuesday you see $450,000.00. […]

Compounding or Compounding Interest is a process where your money earns money on its own over time. This is compounding and it’s a powerful process for investors. Over time, small amounts of money can grow into a substantial amount of money through the process of compounding. Compounding includes the reinvestment of what your money has […]