Individual Retirement Account

IRAs or Individual Retirement Accounts are a great way to invest for your future. These articles explore IRAs, what they are, how to start one and how to contribute the maximum to your IRA.

Here’s how to open a Roth IRA with $250.00. Go to Action 3 – Invest in a Roth IRA and follow the instructions. You might want to eventually transfer your Roth IRA over to a brokerage firm like Charles Schwab or TD Ameritrade when you’ve accumulated quite a bit (thousands of dollars) in your Roth […]

After searching the web for a brief description of the advantages, disadvantages and rules of a Roth IRA, I thought I’d add mine to the mix: Advantages You can contribute to your Roth IRA after age 70 1/2, unlike the age limitation of a traditional IRA. You can contribute up to $4,000.00 for 2007 if […]