Let’s start with, “I’m not a Multi-Millionaire…yet.” 🙂 But I played one recently when I was on the East coast visiting family and friends. Multi-Millionaire friends. One was a medical specialist, one inherited boat loads of money, old money, one sold helicopters internationally, one flew private jets that hauled wealthy families around the world, still […]

I used to tell my kids when they were getting close to the ripe old age of independence, around 18 to 21 years of age, “Don’t get caught up in life.” They’d say, “What does that mean?” Then I’d present the list: When you’re in college or just starting out on your own you buy […]

A young person I know received $20,000.00 at 18 years-old. The grandfather had left thousands of dollars to his young grandchild when the grandfather passed away, while the grandfather’s son, the uncle of the 18 year-old watched over the money that was in a mutual fund until the child was of legal age to receive […]